Being Open To Change

Instead of being custom to your habits, customize new habits. Don’t take the cab, walk the extra thirty minutes, face new challenges. That walk will open up an entirely different thought process. When you’re scared of something realize you’re onto something new, its time to change.
Instead of being committed to the couch and the phone. Commit to a gym, commit to a relationship, commit to eating healthy, commit to things that will change your mind, body and soul. Always decide to be flexible to dodge the obstacles and have fun with overcoming who you thought you were. Have the desire to experience a new day with new changes!  

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Connecting back with yourself

The connection to yourself is the hardest thing in the world to keep. Especially living in todays world, with our attention spans being minimized by television, social media, cell phones, the need to be successful.

We are loosing sight of ourself, or even lost it already. Our eyes are paying attention to everything but the reflection in the mirror. When we do look in a mirror we see what everyone else says about us, looking at flaws only.

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