A Tux day

Running around the city like a mad man can be a little tiring. Thank goodness for Starbucks in every corner! or else how would we survive ?

Suits are powerful, pulling off a tux dress even more power to us!

Everyone is so busy on their phones all day not paying attention to whats around them, luckily a well structured dress allows you to move fast and be sexy, that might get someones attention

Skintight might be to much sometimes, so business casual always works!

Comfy enough to run to the interview, or a date with the guy you met an hour ago that wants to take you out after you're interview.  

Now you know you must have gotten that job, or had a really great day at work so its time to dance! 

Heels are always sexy but usually we carry around a pair of flats after the looooong day. So why not wear flats that are already sexy!